Stabilize Orient Navigate 2017 - Blackbird9 Podcast

Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club's Wednesday Podcast.  In tonight's episode, Stabilize Orient Navigate 2017 , we take a micro and macro look at the events of 2016 then extrapolate forward to 2017 using our 9 Layer

Breakfast Club model.


In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn will cover the recent chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Their mission: establish a greater Israel ruled by Globalism under the direction of Talmudic Noahide Law and at the same time force all other countries to surrender their independent sovereignty.  At the bottom of the first hour, the host will cover the

recent North Cackilacki  Overton Window Winter Bowl . . . final score:  We The People 1,  Jews 0.


In the Second Hour, the host discusses the fundamentals of The Breakfast Club 9 Layer model

and how we can use Distributed Peer-To-Peer Cooperative Game Theory in the coming year

to counter the Centralized MASTER/slave non-Cooperative Game Theory being used by the

globalist MEANIES and their minions.  Frederick will discuss the basics of Synergy and Synchronicity

associated with Infinite Game Theory and how to use this strategic advantage over the zero-sum

Finite Game Theory  models of the World Zionists in the coming year.

Stabilize Orient Navigate 2017 - Blackbird9 Podcast
Stabilize Orient Navigate 2017 - Blackbird9 Podcast

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    carl merlet (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 05:43)

    Where may I find more information on the Trading Posts project and the possibility of becoming active from Germany?

    Sieg Heil!!! ;-)