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Host Frederick C. Blackburn continues with part 6 of the "Situations, Strategies, and Solutions" series and was joined in the 2nd hour by Mr. Patrick Fisher from the Farmers Aid SA  benefit concert project who talked about the Water Relief project and the widespread violent attacks on the farmers in South Africa.


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Farmers Aid SA urges everyone to watch this video, please be aware this video contains very graphic images.This will open your mind and realize what is happening , we calling on all people who cares whats happening to our farmers to join us at Farmers Aid SA and help us fight for the rights of our struggling farmers and to say no more killing of our farmers.If you cant help then please tell somebody who can and lets start making a difference before its to late.

Posted by Farmers Aid - SA on Friday, March 18, 2016

Farmers Aid SA

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South Africa Farm Attack "Code" Symbols

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