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Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Wednesday podcast with Big Nine's special guest Mr. Michael Walsh, who is best known for his book series Witness to History, a re-telling of European history.

In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn answers questions about his experiences with Freemasonry and then continues with part two of the three part series on "Critical Theory".   This will be an detailed look at the people behind of one of the Frankfurt School's most effective psychological warfare weapons in their Cultural Marxist arsenal to advance their White Genocide and New World Order agendas. 

The Second Hour of Blackbird9's Breakfast Club features writer, journalist, broadcaster and political activist Mr. Michael Walsh.

Michael Walsh Witness To History - blackbird9
Michael Walsh Witness To History - blackbird9

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June 22nd, 2016 - Michael Walsh Witness To History

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Episode 28

The Big Nine at 9

Micheal Walsh is our guest on the big nine at 9.  - 1 hour:05 minutes

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June 22nd, 2016 - Big Nine at 9 - Michael Walsh

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